Supplier Code of Conduct

  1. Legal Compliance

Suppliers shall conduct all activities in strict compliance with the national laws of the countries where they operate and with all relevant international conventions where those are applicable in the country of operation. It is the responsibility of our Suppliers’ directors, officers and managers to know and keep up to date of changes to laws and regulations that affect their business. Suppliers shall ensure that any production, delivery or other action subject to obtaining specific governmental, legal or regulatory permissions is only to be undertaken when those permissions have been granted.

  1. People Practices

Suppliers shall treat their employees with respect, forbid child and forced labour and all forms of discrimination in the work place. Where possible and appropriate, they should seek to contribute to the development of their employees' skills through training programmes. Suppliers shall develop and follow a comprehensive human resources policy and procedures that are fully compliant with the national laws in every country in which they work and conform and which should include protection of the privacy, safety and security of their employees.

  1. Corruption

Suppliers shall not tolerate bribery or facilitation payments of any kind or support terrorists or any act of terrorism. They shall routinely assess which business activities are most susceptible to corruption and encourage and support their employees to report any incidence that might lead to or be perceived as corrupt and train their managers to respond appropriately.

  1. Industry Best Practices and Standards

Suppliers shall take steps to meet industry best practice standards for responsible business in their industrial sector.

  1. Health and Safety

Suppliers shall commit to provide a safe and healthy workplace and to incorporate health and safety into organizational culture for their employees by working to the highest international standards. They shall provide health and safety training programme for their employees in order to prevent incidents on-site and to all reasonably possible to facilitate access to emergency assistance for all their employees.

  1. Environment

Suppliers shall commit to the continual improvement of their environmental performance and the prevention of pollution throughout all their operations and facilities, to continually monitor across all operating functions, and to comply with all legal and environmental requirements applicable to their business.

  1. Social & Community

Suppliers shall respect the culture of their neighbours and stakeholders. Where possible, Suppliers will employ local people and support local businesses in their own supply chains.

  1. Human Rights

Suppliers shall seek to avoid civil conflict and be committed to ensure all human rights are upheld in line with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights regarding all employees and any other people who interact with their business. Suppliers shall develop appropriate management systems to ensure respect for international standards of human rights across all areas including: diversity; Indigenous Peoples; use of security personnel; fair wages; working conditions; handling hazardous substances; grievance mechanisms; forced and child labour and freedom of association and collective bargaining. They shall ensure that any incidents of non-compliance with international standards of human rights are investigated and addressed in an appropriate manner without compromising the confidentiality, or placing at risk any individuals or groups involved.

  1. Compliance

Larsuu expects its suppliers to communicate the principles of the Supplier Code of Conduct to their employees, sub-contractors and relevant third parties with whom they do business so as to ensure the principles are integrated into their operations.

  1. Non-compliance and Penalties

Larsuu reserves the right to terminate business relationships with any supplier that violates this Supplier Code of Conduct  where sufficient mitigation is not produced.